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How do you start developing custom software?   Think of ways that you use your PC or wish you could if you only had the right software.  See a  few examples of custom applications below.  Each was designed to meet a particular need that solved problems for small to medium sized businesses.   It is unlikely that any of them meet your specific need exactly.  However, perhaps the examples will start some creative thinking on ways we can help to improve your business with custom software.

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Goal Smart Custom Software
Poem Creator Custom Software
Time Keeper Custom Software
Cable Movie Navigator Custom Software


Goal Smart™ - Promotional software that calculates important financial goals.  A company that promotes financial services wanted a custom software financial calculator that could be offered at a reasonable cost to interested customers.  CSC's affordable custom software provided exactly what was needed. Take a look at Goal Smart™.

Poem Creator and Order Fulfillment - A quick, easy way to produce custom poems.   Using one of the popular Windows publishing programs, a mail order entrepreneur produced beautifully printed and framed poems tailored to children's names.  Not very efficient for the 100's of orders they received per day after starting a mass advertising campaign. The Poem Creator made it an efficient and error free process. The application creates and prints a poem based on the child's name.  Phrases and accompanying illustrations are automatically personalized to the name and gender.   Productivity increased thirty fold when the Angel Blessings Poem Creator custom software was brought on line.

Time Keeper - Track time by project or client.  A medium size company needed a way for employees to keep track of time spent on a large number of different projects and tasks each day. Specialized formats were desired to ease employee transition from an older method to the new one. Requirements dictated by contractual obligations to the Company's primary customer had to be included.  An off the shelf package couldn't meet all of these needs. The Time Keeper custom application does it all. It's easy to use and each employee's time expenditures are instantly available for pay purposes and to maintain a check on project progress.

Cable Movie Navigator - Find the cable movies you want to view.   The proliferation of movies available from a cable company is huge. Over 2000 combinations of titles and viewing times typify the available selections each month. A cable company found that their customers weren't always finding the movies they wanted, when they wanted them. Customers became dissatisfied with the premium channels and potential revenue was lost when customers weren't aware when certain pay-per-view movies were scheduled. Cable Movie Navigator provides a quick and easy way for customers with a PC to create a personalized monthly schedule. The customers are satisfied and pay- per-view revenue has increased.
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