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  Just one example of proprietary custom software developed for one of our clients.  We can also develop software to meet your specific requirements.

Creates unique poems based on a child's name and gender.  The poems are advertised in Sunday newspaper inserts and large numbers are produced every week using Poem Creator.

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Poem creator entry form.


The client's problem was to automatically and efficiently create unique custom poems based on a child's name and gender and then print them. Prior to development of the Poem Creator application, each line of the poem was selected from a printed list and typed into a desk top publishing program.


With Poem Creator, line selection is automatic and is based on gender.   Duplicate lines are not allowed even where multiple names are provided on the same order.  For the best looking results, letter size, spacing and margins are automatically varied according to the length of the name.  Formally a fifteen minute process for each poem,  Poem Creator reduced that time to seconds.  The user just enters a name and gender.  Entries for the mailing label are also included on the form.

  It is unlikely that Poem Creator meets your specific needs.  Let us build an application that does.

Poem Creator is just one example

Convenient and easy to use interface
  Flexible - Accommodates hyphenated and accented names 
  CSC will customize the software to meet your specific requirements


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